Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The End

I've reached the point where life is no longer healthy for me. It's detrimental to every facet of my being and seems to kick me in the face every time I find the strength to stand back up.

So I've decided to quit. I give up. I surrender to everything/everyone.

It's taken me 16 years, but I've realized that I'm simply not strong enough to fight any longer. I've pushed through every obstacle thrown at me, but the last ones were the final blow.

This will be my last post. My last vocal. My last light.

Life's been a damn good game to play. There were moments where I actually thought I may get somewhere! There were moments where I could smile on the outside and not have a feeling of doubt about it's sincerity in the inside. Those times never last, though. I'm through with getting my hopes up just to be disappointed again.

Until the bounds of eternity come within my reach, Goodbye.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Dislike Myself Greatly For This...

About a year ago I went to our public library and I read one of the greatest books I've ever read. It was beautiful. And I usually don't describe things as 'beautiful'.

But then tragedy struck. About six months later I went to tell a friend about it and I couldn't remember the name or the author of the damn book! So I've been scouring the internet for ages hunting it down. It's not a book that's 'popular' or 'bestselling' so it's been a pain in the ass to find.

So till this day I still search the internet. I would probably be better off just going to the public library again and having them tell me what the name of the book I checked out is, but I'm too spastic to remember things like that... :/

Oh well.

*Nom Nom*

Yakinku Horumonyaki is do die for. I was nearly brought to tears when I tasted it.
I am moving to Japan.

I'm So Proud of Myself!

I had a dream last night! And Anna n e v e r has dreams!
It was splendid. :)

I Can't Sleep!

Only 9 more days until my birthday!! :D


I'll be a sexy, ambitious, sexy, SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD!

I have a feeling I'll like 17 more than 16. 16 was an abomination by all definitions existing.

Monday, January 18, 2010


A n d I k n o w I ' m o n l y m a k i n ' i t w o r s e .


I have frequent headaches/migraines and they suuuuck huge hairy ape balls (Yes. I feel very passionately about my hatred for headaches/migraines).

Headaches/migraines should go castrate themselves and eat the remnants. Bah!

Anna. Hates. Headaches. *slash*. Migraines.