Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Words > Moving Pictures

Moving pictures? Yeah. My idiotic way of saying 'movies'. I've never been into them and most likely I never will. One thing I can never get enough of though...?


Yup. In fact, I've read so much in my life time I've literally destroyed my vision. That whole near-sighted/far-sighted thing became obsolete back in 2nd grade. I can't see near or far. Damnit. Lol

Off track. The point is my passion is in books. And I'm taking it upon myself to introduce (or 'reintroduce', for my fellow book worms out there) a slew of books I've read/am reading over a period of time.
Oh and, the picture of this *hawt* piece of candy to the left is a hint to what my favorite series of books is! :D

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