Sunday, January 17, 2010


So I watched this scary ass movie that premiered on Syfy last night and that shiz was messed up! It was called House of Bones. More like House of Scary Dead White People!

It starts out with an alright premise. You can't expect much of a plot when it comes to Syfy movies. Apparently the 'cast' of a show called Sinister Sites goes to homes to 'investigate'. The characters make it very clear that none of the places they go to are actually haunted and they just make all the scary moments happen themselves. Well these bitches weren't ready for the Wicker house!

Long story short, the house is fuckin' alive, it fuckin' kidnaps people, and they find out the only way to escape the house is to put dead bodies down the fuckin' well in the backyard. WTF!

*Horrified rant*
And then that chick started chucking blood! And that other chick was killed when the house put glass through her head! And the white guy killed all the survivors INCLUDING the black guy! Lawdy...

Lmao! I'm done. I promise.

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