Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's Time to Fight Back

Every year on average 100,000 people report being raped. And that's just in the United States. The average arrest rate? 25%. Some of you may say, "Well, it's the victims' fault there's such a low arrest rate. They should just say something and get help." For rape victims, it isn't that easy.

Rape kits cost $1,500.
46% of rape kits are never sent for testing.
The victims aren't eligible for protection against the people they are accusing. More than half of rape cases are dropped by victims during trial.

No matter how serious the incident (the victim could be intoxicated, underage, or threatened with weapons) it is still legal for the accused to get off with no time. In fact there are four types of rape cases where the limit for time is 15 years.

Is anyone else boiling with fury?

Sure molestation, assult and rape can cause physical pain to victims, but the mental damage can be difficult or impossible to repair. The feeling of being 'dirty' no matter how many suds you slather on yourself. Trusting no one, including the ones you love. Have little to no self confidence. Most of all, being stripped of that nice thought in the back of your head that things as intimate and personal as intercourse are under your control.

Rapists should all burn in hell like the scum they are. Bitches...

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