Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm Such a Girl...

I had a nice long poem thing about that kid. But those words don't do justice. None do really. What I'm feeling right now is raw. I would like to be confident and think that these are scars time can heal, but who knows.

I'm being so over emotional. I understand. I feel I deserve it though. It's time for me to show myself some self respect and appreciation. If I feel like crying hysterically when I'm home alone, so be it! If I feel I can 'out-sing' Mariah Carey while I'm in the shower, I'll sing (scream) my heart out. If someone is annoying, stupid, or just an all around fail then I'm voicing my opinion. Bah.


One of these days I'll break out of this realm of darkness and I'll be able to see the light everyone keeps telling me about...

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