Sunday, January 10, 2010

Insanity > Sanity

"Damn, Anna! You've been posting a lot lately!" I know, I knowww. Tons of ideas for posts are shooting out my head.

Speaking of, my brother and I were discussing life in general. He then asked me how does a person know if he/she is insane or not. This is a question of epic proportions.

When a person is insane, the impossible is possible, and it's rational to them. If they hear Michael Jackson singing to them as they pee in a public restroom, they think nothing of it. Why? Because that's totally normal/possible.

So I took to the internet, and here are a few signs if you're insane or completely sane.

You know you're insane if...
  1. Aluminum foil now takes up half of your grocery budget.

  2. The voices in your head are hearing voices in THEIR heads.

  3. The walls in this hotel are all padded...

  4. The voices in your head are telling you to shut up.

  5. You turn yourself into the police for tearing the tag off your mattress.

  6. "I am...Batman!"

  7. That's the third hooker you've killed this week.

  8. You can't tell if the person is talking or not.

  9. You have a second aluminum foil deflector beany backup.

XD Pure hilarity!

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